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A Great Way to Start Semester Two; Touring The Archives of The Henry Ford

Monday, 1-29-18 started the new semester at Carlson High School, but I started the semester touring the archives at  The Henry Ford Museum  for my Wayne RESA Library Leaders meeting. A few times a year I am fortunate enough to meet with other school librarians from Wayne County to learn about new topics and share ideas. It is a great way to to improve my skills as the librarian at Carlson High School. Monday's meeting was special in that it was off-site from Wayne RESA and held at the The Henry Ford Museum. We spent the morning learning about the importance of being a  a future ready librarian  in a future ready school. The highlight of the day came after lunch when we had the chance for a private tour of the archives of The Henry Ford Museum. My group started on the first floor which houses paper/print items. The amount of items was mind-blowing. Also, it was a rush to hold a correspondence penned by Alexander Hamilton. Just one row of the paper archives That is one

What a Week

I really think 2018 wants me to work harder. The second week of January threw enough at me to fill a month or two: Last weekend our 2011 Acadia stalled twice on the way home from a Piston's game at the beautiful Little Caesar's Arena. Thankfully a friend at local car dealership arranged for me to drop it off Monday after work. Before I could drop the car off on Monday, my HR department notified me that an unemployment claim had been made in my name using my Social Security Number; yep I was a victim of identity theft. This means there are a number of tasks that I have to complete to resolve the problem. Police report made in Brownstown Township, check. Credit report pulled to make sure no new accounts were opened, check. Credit bureau(s) contacted to put a lock on all account activity, check. Visit the Michigan Unemployment Office downtown to verify my identity, still have to do this next week, which means I need to take a day off from work....great Just when I thoug

Welcome 2018

Happy New Year, 2018 is here...and I am freezing. A few notes on this awful weather: Lay off the stupid Al Gore/global warming jokes. They are not funny and just annoy me. Lay off the "I love Michigan weather, the four seasons are the best." No, you want to know what is perfect,  The Four Seasons resort in Scottsdale Arizona.   In 2014 I spent Christmas in Phoenix visiting my sister (not at the Four Seasons) but still in beautiful 80 degree weather. Why I suffer with this awful Michigan weather I will never understand. Ok, so onto my normal thoughts and writing. Christmas was a great time with friends and family. Santa (me) and my wife were very good to me once again.  So what did I find under the tree?  Let's start with Santa's gifts: Unlimited data from AT&T. In mid December I waived the white flag in the monthly battle for data I was fighting each month. It was mainly a battle between my daughter and I. Snapchat and streaming of music was eating awa