Welcome 2018

Happy New Year, 2018 is here...and I am freezing. A few notes on this awful weather:

  1. Lay off the stupid Al Gore/global warming jokes. They are not funny and just annoy me.
  2. Lay off the "I love Michigan weather, the four seasons are the best." No, you want to know what is perfect, The Four Seasons resort in Scottsdale Arizona.  In 2014 I spent Christmas in Phoenix visiting my sister (not at the Four Seasons) but still in beautiful 80 degree weather. Why I suffer with this awful Michigan weather I will never understand.

Ok, so onto my normal thoughts and writing. Christmas was a great time with friends and family. Santa (me) and my wife were very good to me once again.  So what did I find under the tree?  Let's start with Santa's gifts:
  • Unlimited data from AT&T. In mid December I waived the white flag in the monthly battle for data I was fighting each month. It was mainly a battle between my daughter and I. Snapchat and streaming of music was eating away at our 16g each month. I decided to suck it up and pay the extra $15 per month to go unlimited. Thanks to free HBO through DirectTV Now and I can enjoy some great television and scenes like: 

  • Since I went with unlimited data I also decided to upgrade to Apple Music. I had been using Spotify free for a while, and I have large collection of my own music in iTunes. For me, the Apple Music family plan was the best way to go with four family members and multiple Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, Macbooks) in the household. The first three months are free, and just under one month in I am quite happy (as is the family).

  • My final gift from Santa is a new planner from Passion Planner. I always keep a pen/paper planner to stay organized for home and work (along with my digital calendar in my phone/on my computer). I really love this planner, it is large and and easy to work with. It also more than just a date book. It encourages users to make goals and keep them (both personal and work related). My major personal goal is to write more in 2018, including here weekly, and this planner is going to help me stick to this goal.
When you buy a Passion Planner, the company gives one away

  • My wife did get me a wonderful pair of wireless headphones! I love these things. For those that know me, and understand that I need to zone out when I am gymnastics dad these things are perfect. Combined with my Apple Music gift mentioned above I can drift away and enjoy music anytime I like....I just need to be careful not to zone out too much...see my wife's warning in this email: 
    Note, FERPA/HIPPA not violated by posting these emails.
So here it is, the first post of many in 2018. Happy New Year, enjoy this beautiful Michigan winter!


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