What a Week

I really think 2018 wants me to work harder. The second week of January threw enough at me to fill a month or two:

  1. Last weekend our 2011 Acadia stalled twice on the way home from a Piston's game at the beautiful Little Caesar's Arena. Thankfully a friend at local car dealership arranged for me to drop it off Monday after work.
  2. Before I could drop the car off on Monday, my HR department notified me that an unemployment claim had been made in my name using my Social Security Number; yep I was a victim of identity theft. This means there are a number of tasks that I have to complete to resolve the problem.
    1. Police report made in Brownstown Township, check.
    2. Credit report pulled to make sure no new accounts were opened, check.
    3. Credit bureau(s) contacted to put a lock on all account activity, check.
    4. Visit the Michigan Unemployment Office downtown to verify my identity, still have to do this next week, which means I need to take a day off from work....great
  3. Just when I thought the SSN issue would eat up my entire week, I awoke to a loud bang on Friday morning and my wife yelling in the garage. Somehow....she opened the rear hatch on the Explorer as the garage door was opening. This resulted in the hatch being pinned in the garage door as it raised. We were able to unpin the car by pulling forward, the car was fine...the garage door...not so much....
    Not a good look, especially as temps drop.
    I quickly contacted my go-to garage door service company, LaRoy Door out of Monroe  Michigan. They are outstanding; great customer service, reasonable prices, and quality workmanship. Thankfully the repair was completed quickly, and not for nearly as much as I was afraid it would cost.

So these events were just the extras added to my normal week of work, cheer dad, gymnastics dad, basketball dad, etc. You can see where The Geekly Reader was pushed back on my agenda this past week. This does not mean I was not thinking about what I want to write about. I plan to spend my day tomorrow writing a post about the gadgets I am looking forward to purchasing in 2018 (there are a few that need updating believe me).

Throw in today's Pittsburgh Steeler loss, and yes I can say "what a week!" I need a nap...


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