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Some Snow Day Thoughts

Some thoughts on this white-out snow day downriver: Calling a snow day is a no-win situation for administrators but I do not think many would disagree with the call for today. While there was not much on the ground before 7 a.m., it has been non-stop all day. It would have been brutal heading home today. After updating to unlimited data few months ago I have been enjoying HBO via  DirectTVNow.  It was ok watching it stream on my laptop but I wanted a way to enjoy on my tv. So this past week I purchased  an Apple TV.  No need for the 4k model as I do not own a 4k TV and do not plan on buying one anytime soon. What a great place for all of your streaming options. For me that includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, DirectTVNow, and anything on my iTunes account. It will get a lot of use on the TV in my home office, as something is usually playing in the background as I am working up here. By the way, currently playing is  Mindhunter on Netflix , great show if you are looking for something to w