Some Snow Day Thoughts

Some thoughts on this white-out snow day downriver:
  • Calling a snow day is a no-win situation for administrators but I do not think many would disagree with the call for today. While there was not much on the ground before 7 a.m., it has been non-stop all day. It would have been brutal heading home today.
  • After updating to unlimited data few months ago I have been enjoying HBO via DirectTVNow. It was ok watching it stream on my laptop but I wanted a way to enjoy on my tv. So this past week I purchased an Apple TV. No need for the 4k model as I do not own a 4k TV and do not plan on buying one anytime soon. What a great place for all of your streaming options. For me that includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, DirectTVNow, and anything on my iTunes account. It will get a lot of use on the TV in my home office, as something is usually playing in the background as I am working up here. By the way, currently playing is Mindhunter on Netflix, great show if you are looking for something to watch.
  • Right before the winter break, teachers in Michigan received some great news; we will be receiving the 3% the state took from our pay illegally. For me this turns out to be a good deal of money and I am already thinking of what to save and spend. I really need a new home computer, my Macbook Pro will soon be six years old. It still works.....but is just quite slow. I would also like to upgrade my DSLR camera. It is going on nine years old and just does not keep up as well at it once did, especially with action shots. Look for updates on my purchase(s) in future posts.
  • I received some great news to start semester two at work. I was selected by State Representative Darrin Camilleri to be "Teacher of the Month" for his legislative district. It was a shock and honor. In part I was being honored for the Carlson High School Library receiving exemplary status from the State of Michigan Library. This is a great honor, and believe me I am very proud. I do want to stress how many of my co-workers in the Gibraltar School District are deserving of this award. Most of the teachers I work with at Carlson High School (or know via my kids attending Chapman and Shumate) are outstanding and dedicated to the students of the Gibraltar School District. Thank you to those teachers for everything you do each and every day! 
    Time for me to brag a little, thank you Representative Camilleri for all of your hard work in Lansing!
Well, time for some more Netflix, computer shopping, trivia night preparations, and snow-blowing. Be safe and stay warm readers!


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