No Excuses

I know, I have been missing forever. There are too many reasons to list. I am back because I am debating a tech purchase. I have updated my computer to a new 13" Macbook Pro purchased in December of 2018. I had no choice because the hard drive died on my previous Macbook Pro. Thankfully Timemachine worked perfectly and no data was lost.

The new tech purchase that I am debating is a GoPro Hero 7 Black. I love to travel, I love to take photos, and video. I would love to use this tool to bring more videos and photos to this blog as I try to get back into a normal writing routine.

Would a new "toy" keep me writing more often? Maybe...

I know I have come back before and said I would post more content. I am truly going to make an effort to improve, especially with some of the new technology available. Multi-media is where it is at folks.


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