A Whole New World

No, not the main track from Disney's Aladdin (not linking anything, I do not need Walt Disney on my rear during times like this.) This entire lockdown and pandemic that is taking the world by storm has provided me with more free time than I could ever imagine. Through the years I never deleted this blog, nor did I give up the rights to my domain for The Geekly Reader, so now I have no excuse not to get back to writing more often. Yes, I was lazy, but there is more than that....my full time job included many extras that kept me busy six days a week. When I was not working I was playing Uber driver for my two active kids, running them from activity to activity.....oh to be young again.

Now, in late March of 2020 I am going to take advantage of my time by coming back and writing more often. I am sure it is like riding a bike...and I am sure I will make mistakes that my mom will text me about so I can fix them. School has been closed since Friday, 3/13/2020 due to the Corona Virus (ominous, I know) here is what I have been doing with my free time:

  • Writing a daily journal entry, old school style, pen and notebook to document everything taking place
  • Posting a daily instagram post starting with Tuesday 3/17/2020 to document everything taking place, daily with a photo or two
  • Cooking more often (I am no Gordon Ramsay)
  • Walking the dog more often (on days where it is not freezing)
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family
  • Taking my daughter driving so she can earn hours
  • Providing educational information to AP students, my senior seminar students, and student council members daily.
  • Cleaning the house.....cleaning the house....cleaning the house
  • I recorded my first podcast with an old friend from high school....more to come on that.

I wish everyone well, and hope you are able to stay safe and well during these unprecedented times. It may be hard, but try and find some hobbies and/or tasks that help you get through each day....we all need to be searching for positives. Feel free to join me on this journey back to writing and sharing...we all need to find some good during these times.


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