Life Downriver

As I hinted at in my last post  I recorded my first podcast with my good friend Michael Edwards. We started the podcast Life Downriver to focus on all of the positives in the Downriver Michigan area. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus has changed our plans a little bit. We have to record in separate locations. We also can't go out and visit any locations to review or have in guests to discuss their businesses until the "shelter in place" is lifted in the state of Michigan.

So while we continue to shelter in place I plan to keep writing, and really should get more reading in as well. What I really want to do is go back to working at O.A. Carlson High School, but that is out of my hands right now. I miss all of my students and co-workers. I know this has to be hard on so many of these children, especially members of the class of 2020. I just hope we can somehow, someway give them a proper sendoff when everything is calm and safe.

For now, please check out the podcast, with a new episode probably dropping on Friday of this week. Also, if you are on Facebook check out the Life Downriver Facebook group for all things Life Downriver. Stay safe everyone.


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