Back to Work 2020: CHS Library Updates

 This is my final weekend of summer before heading into work for professional development. I did work a few days this past week, checking in items from last school year and preparing new textbooks for this school year. I really can't get into the library itself because of a major remodel taking place. Here are some photos I took before leaving for the summer break:

Old circulation desk was here

Here are some photos provided by the contractor from a few weeks back:

You can see the CHS Library will have a new, updated look. I look forward  to sharing all of the after photos when the project is complete. It should be a great space for CHS students and staff to learn and work together.

I am currently writing out some notes for a post for next week about my feelings on returning to in-person education during the Covid era. It is not something I want to just throw together and I want to make sure I really take time to organize my thoughts. Here is a little preview....I am very excited to be going back (and that my kids are going back)face-to-face. Also coming next week will be a review of my August "Read of The Month" as I nearly completed the book today. Have a great week everyone! 


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