Exhausted....and Missing the Excitement of Homecoming

It is Sunday 9/27/2020......I am exhausted today. I expected to be exhausted on this day. You see, last night I should have hosted the 2020 Carlson High School Homecoming Dance. It would have been the culminating activity celebrating our homecoming week at Oscar A. Carlson High School. It would have been my thirteenth homecoming week as student council advisor. When I accepted the advisor position in 2008 I never expected the event to grow into the grand event we celebrate each fall in Gibraltar.

I have a love-hate relationship with homecoming week. I know it is coming every year. I know it is a great deal of stress, work, and time. I know I will be cranky, I know I will be exhausted. However, I also know that all of the hard work by my student council members brings so much joy to the students, staff, and community members of the Gibraltar School District. While I may be the advisor, I try to make sure the kids get all the credit, that is the way it should be, as I try and give them many of the responsibilities attached to events throughout the week.

 So while I may be a cranky, walking zombie....I am also chuckling as I watch the seniors storm the gym-floor to mob the new homecoming king, I am clapping along as the Maestro and his Marching Marauders lead a spectacular parade down South Gibraltar Road to our campus, I am holding back my own tears as the father of one of outstanding lady Marauders starts to tear up as his daughter is crowned homecoming queen....and somehow, I am enjoying myself with over one thousand teenagers dancing the night away in our school gym on a Saturday evening.

The Old CHS Gym cleans up pretty well....

Homecoming this year would be different of course, as I wrote earlier this month, this entire school year was going to look much different. Due to state guidelines there would be no pep rallies, no floats, and no packed dance floors. There is no other way to describe it, IT SUCKS, it is depressing, it is the exact opposite of an exciting, action-packed week. I now realize how missing all of the positives of the week has me in a funk, and I find myself mentally and physically exhausted, even with having no events to put on last week.

So, my message to the students of CHS is that we are trying to do as much as we can for you within the guidelines provided by the state. We will have a spirit week, we have a 2020 Homecoming T-shirt from the Marauder Galley, and we will have a homecoming court. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can say that many of my colleagues are just as disappointed as you are and are joining me and doing as much as they can to provide some form of an enjoyable homecoming event this fall. I ask that as hard as it may be, please be patient and understand we are doing everything we can while keeping students safe during this pandemic.

I informed our student council members at a meeting last Friday to not be hard on themselves during this time. These leaders are struggling just as much as I am because they live for events like this. Now they are left with few if any options to give back to their school. It is both depressing and exhausting, but we need to find small victories to bring joy to the school when and where we can. That is our goal as we move forward into October and through the rest of the school year.

So this is where I am this evening as I decided to write and reflect on what should have been an action-packed weekend. I am sad, I am angry, I am tired, but at the same time I have a notebook open where I am jotting down different ideas and thoughts on ways to give my students as many positive experiences as possible this school year. It is going to be a challenge, it is going to be a struggle. I can either let this difficult task defeat me and quit or I can work with my student-leaders and produce as many positive moments as possible at CHS in 2020 - 2021.....I think the choice is simple, I am going with option B. 2021 has to be better right? 


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