September 2020 Read of the Month

 To be honest, my first week of school with students was exhausting, I have never been so tired. I wanted to search for something new to read, but I just did not have time. So what is my best option (because I have to read something each month)? I went with a "go to" for me when it comes to authors. I found Harlan Coben's Don't Let Go in a pile on my home office floor.

Cover of Don't Let Go
This may have been a "Book of the Month" before

To be honest, I bought this book a few years ago before a spring break trip to Europe, but I had no time to read the book on the trip. I am also a terrible flight reader, especially now that all these planes have screens for movies and tv. I just can't get into reading with so many people sitting around me, I'm not sure what it is. So I will give the book another try right now. I always love Coben's works, so I'm sure I will probably enjoy the book. I will provide a review later this month. I also look forward to providing an update after a month into face-to-face education. Have a great weekend everyone.


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