September 2020 Read of the Month Review

 Ok, it only took me nearly all of October to complete my September 2020 Read of the Month, Harlan Coben's Don't Let Go. I mentioned in my introduction of the book that I actually picked up this book years ago to bring along on a trip to Europe. I confirmed this as I started reading and found the following tucked away as my bookmark:

Yep, that's my boarding pass from my 2018 trip to Europe

Boarding passes are great bookmarks by the way, it is why I still have them printed instead of using my phone....but enough about boarding passes, let me give some feedback on the book. I have reviewed books by Coben in the past, and I usually never have a problem diving in and enjoying his books. They are always exciting and quick reads for me. I kept thinking my issue with this book was that I was excited for my trip(s) and that is why I never really "got into" this title. It turns out, this one just starts off pretty slow (compared to his other books). Once I hit the halfway mark of the book it picked up the pace and met the high standards I hold for Harlan Coben's works. The last few chapters that wrap up the crime(s) are very good and did help me boost my score...somewhat. I give Don't Let Go 3 out of 5 stars. Do not give up on it, it's worth it in the end.


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