November 2020 Read of the Month

 Sorry, I have been slacking with my November Read of the Month. I have been spending a great deal of time working in my library trying to get it 100% set up after a summer remodel. Thankfully I have about 98% of the books shelved and now I am just waiting on new furniture in December. 

Ok, enough rambling about my is time to introduce the November 2020 Read of the Month...

A perfect book selection for the month of November

Election 2020 has led me to my November Read of the Month The Read and the Blue The 1990's and the Birth of Political Tribalism by Steve Kornacki. I have the book sitting here in my office and have been wanting to read it for a while. Watching Kornacki for hours during election week peaked my interest to pick the book up and give it a read. A few reasons I am looking forward to reading this book:

  • I am a political geek, and this kind of stuff peaks my interest
  • I really like Steve Kornacki
  • The 1990's....I am in, what a great decade

Look for my review later this month and stay safe everyone!


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