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November 2020 Read of the Month Review

 Ok, time to review my November 2020 Read of the Month   The Red and the Blue and the Birth of Political Tribalism by Steve Kornacki. The book was a great read for the election month of November (which for some reason seems to still be going on here in December). Here is what I liked about Kornacki's book: Kornacki is very fair and unbiased, not showing favoritism to the Red or the Blue (right or the left, Republicans or Democrats) in his writing It is a great history book, reviewing the national political landscape from the late 1980's up through 2000.  At the same time, it is sad, because as the book points out the 1990's is when then current political landscape we live with seemed to grow. In my own words, action in Congress and Washington D.C. was no longer about solving problems and helping Americans, it was about scoring a "win" for your side.  The book was really well-written, but sadly the information presented is lousy. Today, in the news our leaders in D