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February 2021 Read of the Month

 Ok fellow dorks, dweebs, nerds, and/or geeks do I have a book for you for the month of February. One of Carlson High School's best, The Maestro himself David Brockington, suggested I add  From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars   to the CHS Library Collection. Being a true Star Wars  Geek I had no problem purchasing both this and it's companion for The Empire Strikes Back   to quickly add to our collection at CHS. February 2021's Read of the Month After last month's memoir , I definitely needed some fiction and a title that is a little "lighter" to read this month and this book will probably deliver. It is a collection of forty short stories re-telling the famous 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope   from the point of view of various, minor characters from the film. I started the other day and I am nearly half-finished. So far, so good....I will provide a full review later this month. These freezing February days coming up will keep me inside reading I am sure. W