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Spring Break 2021 Goals

 Spring break 2021 has arrived and I will not be traveling. It does not have much to do with Covid, I just prefer to not travel at this time of year. I usually save travel and vacations for the summer. So this means my spring break will take place in good old Brownstown Township this year, as usual. Here is what I have planned for my week "off." Finish and review my March Read of the Month, Nick Clean and organize my home office Walk every day, but Thursday looks quite awful here in the downriver final blast of winter for everyone that remained in Michigan for spring break Shop for new shoes; all this walking means it is time for new shoes. Also, middle school track starts a week from today so this coach needs new shoes Find a book for my April Read of the Month Go back to camera shopping. This is something I was doing way back in November and put on hold. I think I will treat myself to a new camera in June for Father's Day. Watch John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Dis

February.....and March Were Exhausting

 I had good intentions, I picked my February 2021 Read of the Month , that I will quickly review later in this post, I set aside time for reading and writing....and then last two months just exploded with events, activities, and life in general. For the first time since the shutdown I found myself running all over again multiple days a week, including weekends. For the first time since the pandemic hit I was finding myself doing more than just going to work and grocery shopping. So what popped up in the past two months, well here is the short list: Car shopping for my daughter, which took time.....but eventually we succeeded in finding a used Equinox to add to the family fleet. School sports started back up for my son, and then a travel basketball league to follow. In-person education continued for most of the time period, although the last two weeks has been remote for the high school (I still go in to get work done in the library) My washing machine died.....which resulted in a Lowe&