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August 2021 Read of the Month

 My August 21 Read of the Month is Hell in the Heartland by Jax Miller .   Each summer I try and read at least one "true crime" genre title and this is my selection for summer 21.  August 2021 Read of the Month Jax Miller's book examines the 1999 murders of Danny and Kathy Freeman in rural Oklahoma. The crime also involves the disappearance of Ashley Freeman and her friend Lauria Bible. The book is well reviewed and there is a series on HBO Max based on this book (great another streaming subscription I will probably have to add). I am really enjoying the book and look forward to writing a review later this month.

July 2021 Read of the Month Review

 I am home refreshed and relaxed after a family trip to Riviera Maya Mexico. The area is beautiful and I would also like to add the people of Mexico are so friendly and accomodating. I highly recommend visiting the area if you need a little beach vacation. The Barcelo Maya Caribe is a beautiful resort. Mayan ruins in Tulum Mexico Now for my review of my July Read of the Month , The Traveler's Gift , by Andy Andrews. The book follows main character David Ponder going through a rough stretch of his life. One minute David is driving down an icy road, and then the next he is on a journey meeting with seven famous figures from history that provide him with knowledge and tips for success. I really do not want to give much more away to the book than that mini summary, but I will list what I liked in the book: It is a quick easy read, I finished it in about three days It is a self-help book that is aimed at leadership and taking responsibility for your life. I like these kind of books for