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Still Creating With Pass the Mike Podcast

 While it has been a while since I have visited this site, that does not mean I have not been creating. Working with my good friend and coworker Mike Gervasi we have created The Pass the Mike Podcast.   We have a great time recording a new episode each week where we cover an education related topic, give our input on what we think is "overrated and underrated," and conclude each episode with our "Hot Mike" takes for the week. It has been a great way to create with a different medium and I am really happy with.  While I did not do much writing the second half of 21, I hope to keep creating new podcast episodes and write here when I have a chance, as I still truly love to write as well. If you are into podcasts, give it a try. You can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts or you can click here and start listening today.